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Forklift and Reach Truck tyre types.

Forklifts have become an indispensable part of many industries, this is why it important to make sure that your forklift and reach trucks are fitted with the correct tyres to ensure that you get the most out of your forklift.

Pneumatic tyres
Much like truck tyres Pneumatic tyres are made of strong thick wear-resistant rubber, have a deep thread and are filled with air. By creating a cushion effect between the forklift and the ground these tyres extend the running life of a forklift making them very suitable for use in rough uneven surfaces.

Non-marking tyres
Designed specifically to prevent marks on floors, non-marking tyres are the only forklift tyre type that should be used in food processing work. The reason why these tyres leave no marks on floors is because unlike other forklift tyre types these tyres contain no carbon black. The exclusion of carbon black is not without its drawbacks, the lifespan of a Non-marking tyre is shortened as a result.

Solid tyres/Puncture Proof
Solid tyres are the most common forklift tyre type and are the same as Pneumatic tyres with the exception that solid tyres are not filled with air, therefore, theses tyres do not provide the forklift a cushioning effect. Solid tyres are also punctured proof and never go flat unlike air filled tyres making them long lasting. These tyres are perfect for indoor and light outdoor use but don’t do well with uneven rough surfaces.

Polyurethane wheels
Polyurethane wheels are mostly used on indoor forklifts and reach trucks and are usually pressing into the forklift making them extremely easy to fit in a forklift or reach truck. These wheels also have some rolling assistance which extends their lifespans, they also a good level of traction indoors.

Foam Fill
Foam filled tyres are designed to with a special resin that not only provides constant pressure but also prevents punctures while providing a cushioning effect to the truck. This cushioning effect coupled with the tyre being puncture proof make it suitable for outdoor use.

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